Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I need to preface this Valentine's post with a Thanksgiving story:

A few years back, Handsome Bryce and I were visiting my family for Thanksgiving. We were all getting ready to go to the movies. My mom wanted to see "Deck the Halls" (which by the way has a 6% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes JUST SO YOU KNOW) but I intervened, "No!" I said, "Let's see Happy Feet!" I foolishly cried. Alas, oh so foolishly. My mom wasn't sold, so I showed them this preview. Look at that, it looks adorable, anyone would want to see that, and everyone did. EVERY person in the family agreed that we should go see Happy Feet.

So we did just that. We watched Happy Feet and it was a horrible thing. The cute penguins from the preview had only an incredibly minor part but other un-cute penguins having scandal time had a huge part. One even mentioned a "couch of perpetual indulgence". (I blushed, ashamed, in the dark of the theater.) And all the while they were beating us over the head with a didactic message about how humans ruin everything.

It was like listening to Al Gore for two hours straight, the only break being intermittent replays of that horrible kiss he shared with his wife in 2000.

We all suffered and when it was over the finger of blame pointed at one person. I convinced them to go and so I will now forever suffer in ignominy. Now if I ever suggest a movie everyone says "Hmmm, Happy Feet?" Even if I suggest a Fast food restaurant my judgement is considered suspect.

So this year on the greatest holiday, besides Christmas, I took my shame and turned it into glory. I took Happy Feet valentines and vandalized them most rudely with Adventure Time* quotes.

I used white out for the initial shapes:
Then I colored and captioned the valentines with appropriate quotations:

See?! I do not like Happy Feet! I mock Happy Feet multiple times in a most sinister way! I was duped like everyone else! How in the heck did this movie get a sequel? No I will not see the sequel!

*Incidentally my brother, Nate, had to convince me to watch Adventure Time, which I thought sounded questionable but turns out to be insanely hilarious; the exact opposite of the Happy Feet scenario.


Sara said...

Am I convinced? Nope, Chuck Testa! Your sinister mockery, in the words of dream Bryan, "DOES NOTHING!"

McRachie said...

Sara, I literally laughed out loud about this: lol. ;)

Sonya said...

I spent that entire movie gagging at the sappy song theme. I did not care that every penguin had a soul song or spirit song or whatever. I was also obsessively fixated on the fact that the main penuin never molted the whole way!! It bothered me eternally. As for the different penguin types, I only cared about seeing fairy penguins and they were not so great. I did think that Robin Williams' crazy cult leader penguin was amusing.

Rain Coyote said...

I'm all about the mocking of Happy Feet. I love that first one with Finn stabbing the penguin.

McRachie said...

Thanks! My personal favorite is the pick-axe hand.
#1 All the penguins look shocked, like he is really getting stabbed.
#2 Pick-axe hand HA HA!