Thursday, February 16, 2012


There is one area where Handsome Bryce and I are not just the same. Both Bryce and his mom have a different pause tolerance than I do. (This very good article can tell you all about pause tolerances.)

I have a very short pause tolerance, while Bryce and Mom McEwen have a longer one.

This isn't really a big deal because I recognize that their tolerance is greater than mine, which is understandable because I actually don't have any tolerance at all. Sometimes I notice it, but it doesn't bother me. It might bother other people though.

Typos, however, are a different story. Anyone who has chatted with me on the internet knows I have three extreme "typing tics." Firstly, I am a comma fiend. The more commas the merrier. I also type the words "hee hee" incessantly. (I am troubled that the person I am typing to cannot see if I am smiling or not, so I am compelled to type "hee hee" to let them know I am smiling.)

The worst, though, is fixing typos. I am a lazy typist with no tolerance for misspelled words; this is a bad combination. I once had a friend who typed, "You don't have to correct your spelling, I know what you mean."

Here's the thing, I really DO have to fix the spelling. I cannot just let it go. The misspelled words hang in front of me like unanswered questions, filling up my entire brain with their wrongness. I really have to fix them, otherwise they will just keep being wrong there, forever.

But the words are flown, they can't come back to be fixed, so I have to correct them with asterisks. *tomorrow, *whoever, *forget, *dinner, *the. It's annoying but I just can't stop.

No-corrections-needed-guy and I are no longer friends, but I don't care. I would rather have words spelled correctly than have friends. *Friends who don't respect proper spelling anyway. Hee hee.

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