Friday, February 03, 2012

In Jimmer's Clothing

Today's regularly scheduled post about ugly words has been pushed to next week, in order to make room for my rant about BYU basketball. It is titled:

If you are a fan of college sports you probably remember last year's Jimmermania. Jimmer was a special player and pretty much the greatest offensive threat on the BYU basketball team. He won a huge pile of awards for his performance, and then he went to the NBA and joined the Sacramento Kings, leaving the Jimmer obsessed fans at BYU behind.

Now friends, I understand how you feel. The departure of Jimmer left us all yearning. When the last five minutes of the second half roll around and we are down by ten, I too feel the pangs of sadness. I too whisper, "If only Jimmer were here." But that doesn't mean I am going to jump on-board with the first pasty white guy with short brown hair.

Let's get one thing straight. I am not saying Matt Carlino is the Antijimmer. I am saying Carlino is an unproven freshman and we shouldn't start heralding him as the second coming of Jimmer until he stops playing like a stupid freshman. He takes SUPER STUPID shots all the time, instead of passing the ball to open teammates. I know what you are gong to say, "Jimmer took crazy shots all the time wah wah namby pamby."

You are somewhat correct in saying that. By the time he was a junior, Jimmer had carte blanche with the basketball; but we cannot give that same Junior-Jimmer freedom to poopy-baby-freshman-Carlino!

During his freshman year Jimmer's Field goal percentages were similar to Carlino's, but the actual numbers are where the problem lies. Jimmer was averaging 4.5 shots a game, Matt Carlino 10.6. Also Matt Carlino has already proven to be incredibly streaky, much like everybody's favorite player, Jonathan Tavernari (who by the way had higher percentages than Jimmer his freshman year).

I don't hate Matt Carlino. I don't want him off the team. I just want his game to be reigned in a bit, and I want the praises from his fans to be reigned in a lot. Jimmer is gone, but rebounding with all your adoration, to the first crazy freshman you see, is not the answer.

If you are not a fan of college sports, or the Bible, none of that just made sense and I apologize. Please join us on Monday for a discussion on words that are ugly.


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Sonya said...

It is funny when people talk about sports because it makes no sense. It's like reading equations aloud or listening to a politician answer a question. Words and numbers all piled together.

McRachie said...

Ah Sonya, equations and sports only make sense to people who understand the rules. If you learned how they worked you would also be interested.

I'm with you on the politician answers though, those are rubbish.