Wednesday, February 22, 2012

McBaby is Famous

Handsome Bryce and I had a talk with McBaby. You see, he'd been loafing around our house for two months and we felt it was time he got a job. "You are incredibly adorable," we said, "but you can't expect to get by on your good looks for your whole life."

"Yes I can! I'll show you!" said McBaby, "I'll get a job as a male model!" And so he did:

You can see him at: Packages with his photos on them will be in stores this fall.


Amanda and Rob Hill said...

How did you do that?

McRachie said...

Hee hee My dad is the creative director over packaging at Playhut they needed a baby to pose for a package and we happened to have a baby!

Steffy said...

He is the cutest little baby they could have ever found. I love his facial expression!