Wednesday, February 08, 2012

We Are The Same

I was talking to my sister, Sara, yesterday about how much we love our husbands. Everything is better when Bryce is with me, and when Bryan is with Sara.

We were talking about how there are a lot of little things that we never would have considered to be important to a marriage that add up to a big difference.

Like enjoying the same kind of entertainment.

We never have to argue about watching sports because we like to watch the same ones. I wouldn't have thought that would be so nice, but it really is.

Liking the same foods has also been something I never would have thought was important, but it really makes things nice. Think how I would suffer if Handsome Bryce's favorite food was meatloaf???

There is one problem though. We also dislike the same things. Like the red Starbursts.

Bleh. They are so nasty. We both try to avoid them, but we have to have a rule that if you pull a red one out of the bag you must eat it instead of throwing it back. Otherwise there is a pesky build-up of gross red ones at the top.

You are allowed to sandwich it with a different flavor to try to minimize its nastiness. Yellow seems to be the best at over-powering the icky red flavor, but even that can only help so much. And when you reach in for a yellow you run the risk of accidentally pulling out another red one, disaster! Seriously Starburst people, why did you make a medicine flavored candy?

Luckily there is an easy way to compromise.

Happy upcoming Valentine's Day Handsome Bryce! I am so glad that we have so much in common, even when it comes to sick red Starbursts. You are my best match.


Steffy said...

The red Starbursts are my favorite. I have decided you guys should just make a pile of them and then every time you see me pawn them off on me. I'll do anything to make your marriage better!

P.S. I also like medicine, so that is probably why I like them.

Caitlin said...

Red starbursts are gross. Clearly, the guy traveled. VALENTINE'S DAY IS AWESOME!

mama bear said...

i like the red ones too! maybe steffy and i should get married since we're clearly the same.