Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Which I am not Funny at All

I was recently talking with a good friend who I hadn't seen in ages. I told her about a friend who was flooding me with every kind of pro-gay link, web sites, groups, comics, jokes, sheesh it was getting overwhelming.

I laughed because, dude, I get it. You're gay. It's not really that interesting to me, and really it's not like it came as a shock either. I'm not always telling you about my straightness, can we talk about something else besides your gayness?

But then I saw two things that made me think.

The first was a picture of this billboard regarding Amendment 64 in Colorado:

This type of campaigning doesn't sit well with me because it is passive-aggressive. The group is asking you to pass judgement on a person so that they can criticize you for being judgmental, either that or just agree with them.

The second thing I saw was this video. It's long, but good.

The person who uploaded it described it with:

"We hope this video inspires empathy and compassion and moves you to have constructive conversations that will increase understanding. We want LGBT Mormon youth particularly to know that they are loved and there is hope for peace and acceptance."

Even though I find that billboard to be shrewd and spurious, it caused me to ponder a question which has nothing to do with Amendment 64: "Does that make me a bad person?" How many people are legitimately asking themselves that?

I'm an alcoholic,
I'm a thief,
I eat meat,
I'm a liar,
I'm fat,
I'm a hoarder,
I wear fur,
I'm a murderer,
I can't control my temper,
I'm gay,

Does that make me a bad person?

Is my friend who sends me all those links like the people in this video? Is he wondering that? Is he feeling alone? Is he afraid I am going to shun him, because I don't agree with his choices? I hope not. Because I believe that there is nothing on that list, or any list you can write, that would give me permission to decide whether or not you are a bad person.

I can judge whether or not I think you are a bad writer, or a bad cook, or a bad driver, but it is only for God to decide what kind of person you are. And whether or not I agree with your choices I can still love you, and God will still love you.

It might be difficult to understand how you can love a person who is doing something that you consider to be a sin, but really it is not very complicated. If you only loved perfect people you would be very lonely. And now that I have a baby I understand a little bit of what God feels for us. When I look into my son's big, beautiful eyes I know that there is nothing he can ever do, or say, or think that will stop me from loving him.

Certainly I will not always like and agree with what he is doing. There might come a day when he will me make me so angry, or hurt, or scared that I won't even be able to look at him. But I will never love him less. And if he ever asks me to forgive him for something, for anything, I will. How much more is God willing to do for us?

So if you are my friend, or if you are anyone wondering if God loves you, know that He does.


Amanda and Rob Hill said...

Great post! Thank you!

The Rawson Clan said...

aThis was an Outstanding Post.

Anonymous said...

My cousin sent me the link to this post, and I don't know how she found her way to your blog...but I just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks for being close enough with God and the Savior to understand the truth of Their love and mercy. As a same-gender attracted ("gay", if you like) man, and a faithful, Temple-recommend-holding Latter-day Saint, it warms my heart to read your post and realize how many in the Church truly understand this plight.

So thanks. :-)

McRachie said...

Thanks for commenting Wade, it's always good to meet someone new!

lineuponliney said...

Rachael, I'm so grateful you posted this when you did. I read it and started crying. My friend is going through something similar with her daughter and this was just what she needed to hear. You were definitely inspired :)