Monday, April 09, 2012

Petits Fours

This Saturday was a really special day! My niece, Maddy, got baptized! Children who are born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, (Mormons) don't get baptized and become official members until they are 8 years old. This is because we don't believe that children begin to be accountable for their choices until this age, as I mentioned before.

Maddy is a fun girl who likes pretty things, animals, and wrestling with her dog. I thought petits fours would be a fun treat for after the baptism. I had never made them before but I followed the directions on this site.

They were fairly easy*, although I didn't realize that her pan was smaller than a normal full jellyroll pan, so I ended up having to make two cakes and a filling to put between them, otherwise they would have been "trop courte fours". (I just made that up, is it a thing? I am deciding it is a thing.)

Also the poured fondant was not extremely difficult*, but you definitely have to get the hang of it. And you should know that this was more of a glaze than a fondant, it is translucent.

It was still really fun*, and all the little girls loved them. So if you need a fun treat I highly recommend them.

*Keep in mind though, I worked for a catering company for a few years, so sometimes what I think is fun is not fun for other people (ie. making cakes for 3 hours). Just to warn you.

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