Thursday, April 05, 2012

You Should Eat This

My sister, Sara, sent me a recipe for blueberry muffin cake. I only read about 1/8 of the way through the recipe before deciding I needed to make it right away. I obtained the buttermilk and went to work!

The thing with only partially reading the recipe is that sometimes you might double the blueberries, thinking you are making a 9x13 sized cake instead of a 9x9. I found this to be NOT PROBLEMATIC AT ALL.

One day, little guy- One day I will try to make you eat this and you will say "Eeeew I hate your food Mom!" and I'm not going to argue. While Daddy is lecturing you about being respectful I'm going to eat your piece, you adorable naive little scamp!


Haley Dennis said...

Aw! That picture of Ewan is so cute!!! :) That cake was really good!!! :)

Alan said...

Mom made it for Conference Sunday. It was yummy, but your doubling of the blueberries looks yummierest!

McRachie said...

Hey, if Mom made it, and Sara made it, and Haley made it, and I made it; that means we were all having the same thing for breakfast while we all watched conference. Pretty cool.