Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Speed Science

You may have heard that it is possible to relight a recently-blown-out-candle by lighting the smoke, trailing from the wick. If you haven't heard about this, don't feel bad, Bryce and I didn't know about it until my little brother, Nate, told us. I didn't really believe him at first. (I know, when will I learn to stop doubting Nate the Great?) But he proved that it can be done! You just blow out the candle and hold a lit match or lighter in the stream of smoke that results, the wax in the smoke lights on fire and the fire travels down the smoke back to the wick, which reignites! Magic!

I was amazed, and wanted to share Nathan's candle trick with the world. Handsome Bryce works in a lab at Brigham Young University. This means he has lots of cool toys to play with, like high speed cameras. We made two videos of the candles re-lighting:

You don't even need to hold the match that close to the wick, (we just had it there so that the match would be in the frame). I love seeing fire travel down the smoke.

Handsome Bryce also made this cool video of a moth and a wasp flying in slow motion:


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