Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 4

Today was a little bit better maybe. I don't really trust my own estimations though, because I am starting to suspect that this DVD is designed to cause you to fall victim to Stockholm Syndrome. That article says there are three main components in developing Stockholm Syndrome:
  • A severely uneven power relationship in which the captor dictates what the prisoner can and cannot do
  • The threat of death or physical injury to the prisoner at the hands of the captor
  • A self-preservation instinct on the part of the prisoner

First of all Jillian is in a position of total power. When she says "Jump" you literally jump, and she says "jump" a lot. She is also inflicting pain on you through the tasks you must preform, but there is always the promise that if you can perform the tasks as well as Natalie and Anita you won't feel the need to cheat, and it won't be hard for you anymore. Basically if you can learn to please Jillian, your pain will be taken away from you. She says, "If you think your gonna die, watch Anita, she'll carry you through." In order to live I have to at least be as good as Anita.

The biggest tip-off though, is in the end of the workout Jillian says, "We're right here, we're doing it with you. We're all in this together." This is the culmination of Stockholm syndrome. The Discovery Health article says:

"The prisoner undergoes what some call an act of self-delusion: In order to survive psychologically as well as physically - to lessen the unimaginable stress of the situation - the prisoner comes to truly believe that the captor is her friend, that he will not kill her, that in fact they can help each other 'get out of this mess.' "

 Jillian has taken over my mind.


Steffy said...

Oh oh keep a close eye on Natalie! She totally totally cheats sometimes.

McRachie said...

I know it! During punches she is totally taking it easy!

Steffy said...

Oh keep watching. One time she totally just stops when Jillian's back is turned. It always makes me laugh so hard because Jillian later says, "they don't even cheat back here!" and I always yell, "OH YES THEY DO!".