Friday, June 08, 2012

Savory Campfire Snack Peppers

Our good friends, Lauren and Sam, invited us over to make s'mores with their new fire-pit. I really like s'mores, but after I eat one I am so overloaded with sugar that I feel like a languishing s'more-slug-beast:

Also known as "Smore the Hutt". I need something savory to counteract the sugar-rush before I can consume anymore of the melty marshmallowyness. That is why I invented "Campfire Pepper Poppers" behold:

I do not love jalapenos, but I know other people do, so I got five of them. For me and the people who like to eat food that does not ignite your mouth on fire I got a bag of those adorable party peppers. I also used an entire block of cream cheese, and about 1 cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese (I wouldn't use less than sharp, because the cheddar flavor will get lost). I was worried that cooking would cause the cheese to become a melty slurry that would run out of the peppers so I crushed up half a package of saltines and added them to the cheeses.

I also added some cilantro because I like green specks in my food.

The little peppers have hardly any seeds, but when there were some I just stuck my knife in and rotated it around to hollow them out.

Next I used a butter knife to stuff them with the cheese mix. I put a dab of cheese on the little pepper tops to keep them on, because I thought they would help keep the cheese in.

It turns out that the crackers made the cheese thick enough that the hats were not needed, and everyone just fed them to the dogs. The peppers take a little while to cook, but they also taste good raw so most people snacked on an uncooked pepper and praised my genius whilst waiting for their other pepper to roast. It was a good combination.

Out of all my inventions this one of the least sinister and the most successful I think. (Although it does allow you to eat exponentially more s'mores without sugar-slug overload, so maybe it IS sinister.) Anyway, we will be having these at many more campfires to come!

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Haley Dennis said...

MMMmmm! That looks/sounds so yummy!! :) PS: Nice watch! ;)