Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 6

Sunday is a day of rest, and no part of my Sunday was as restful as the 27 minutes when I was not listening to Jillian. This turned out to be problematic because allowing me to distance myself from Jillian renewed and even increased my contempt for her. I think I may be moving toward full blown loathing now. This made it very difficult to turn on the DVD. I did it though. Jillian said that by days 5-7 I should be noticing a huge improvement in stamina. I hate to admit it, (you know, because of the loathing,) but she was right. The workout seemed a lot easier than it did in the beginning. I am also much less sweaty. Still sweaty enough to have it get in my eyes though, bleah.

This has led me to discover one of Jillian's secret powers:

The amazingly large eyebrows are not just to make her look like a menacing villain! They are functional!

When sweat gets in my eyes I imagine it is Jillian spitting on me in disgust.

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