Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cute House Stuff

If you know anyone who wants some cute decorations for their walls, especially with the holidays coming up, I have good news! I am hosting an online vinyl party with my sister-in-law Tara until Saturday. Just click on this link:
Tara's Uppercase site
and you can look through all the awesome options. I gave some of these as Christmas gifts last year and it was great. I always feel like a loser for giving someone a gift card or soap, because those are presents for people you don't know, but the wall vinyl is classy and fun and appeals to pretty much everyone.

They have a lot of holiday kits that come with the bases pictured, if you like Halloween,

or Thanksgiving,

or Christmas.

The kits are about $20, and really cute. I especially like the quirky wall vinyl though.

Also, if you order something before Saturday there are some special deals; all orders over $60 get 20% off and orders over $100 get 30% off. So if you have some friends who will go in together with you, you guys can save a lot.

Just go to Tara's website and click shop, when you are checking out you can associate your order with my party with a drop down menu. You can look at the idea catalogs on her site for more fun pictures, or check out her Facebook Fan page for inspiration. You can also do custom messages or even photos with this tool on her site.

The vinyl is removable, and easy to apply. I hope you find something you love! Leave a comment if you have any questions, or uh...comments ;)

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