Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas House

This year I am so excited about Christmas. It could be that we have our own house to decorate this year,  or perhaps that McBaby is old enough to know that something awesome is happening. Whatever the reason, I am SO EXCITED. I already had Bryce set-up our tree:

Here is a close-up of our chandelier:

And the sliding-door vinyl that we got from Tara:

While we are looking at fantastic things from Tara, here's this:

And these:

There is really no point to this post except to show you pictures of my house. Maybe that makes me vain, like someone who tells a long story just to impress you with this one witty come-back they had once...

Eh I don't even care, I love my house and I love Christmas. Also one time I said a really good zinger, and man, did I look cool when I was saying it. The end.

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