Monday, November 12, 2012

Sideboard Refinishing

I keep telling people how excited I am about this sideboard, and everyone says something like, "Cyborg?" It is a real thing ok? Traditionally sideboards are used for serving food in a main living area of the house, not the kitchen, but I wanted one for storing all of our electronics. I found mine in the thrift store for $35.

 I fell in love with it right away, but it wasn't perfect yet. I carefully cleaned all the surfaces, firstly to prepare it for refinishing, and secondly because it came from a thrift store, so who knows where it has been.

 Gross. Then I took off all the hardware, including the cabinet doors.

 Then I wiped on two coats of my favorite Gerneral Finishes Gel Stain, the color I used was "Java". I really love that stuff. Everything it touches becomes pretty. Also it is dark and thick so you don't have to sand down to the bare wood if you don't want to, and I never want to.

 I also sealed it with two coats of poly urethane, and put on some new hardware. Finally my sideboard was reborn!!! Handsome Bryce drilled some holes in the back of it so our electronics could hide inside and remain plugged in to the TV and wall. Now he just has to hide our TV cords inside the wall and our once messy corner will be pristine and tidy.

This messy corner is another story though.

A few notes about the hardware:

1. The little drawer pulls on the top drawer were a non-standard size. Did you know there were standard sizes? I didn't, and it turns out that a width of less than 3 inches is very difficult to come by, and almost no styles come in both 2.75'' and 3'' widths. To deal with that, I used two little knobs in place of the handles on the top drawer.

2. The hinges for the cupboard doors are on the outside of the sideboard, I knew I didn't want those to be bright nickel like the handles so I just saved the original hinges and screws and spray painted them black. They blend in well and I didn't have to buy new ones!

3. The drawers didn't move very smoothly, but Handsome Bryce told me to rub finishing wax on the wooden parts that were rubbing and causing the problem. This really helped them to move smoothly. I also sprayed WD40 in the metal drawering-tracks. I think little things like that make the difference between a nice thrift-store find and a nice piece of furniture.


Steffy said...

That looks so great! I wish we had a secret tunnel between our houses because I am desperately ready to do some projects around my house but I don't even know where to start. Why oh why aren't we next door neighbors all the time? That was the plan wasn't it?! We have to stick to the plan!

McRachie said...

That was the plan! Why didn't you remind me before we bought a house in California? Oh well, maybe we can do projects together over the phone.