Friday, December 07, 2012

Why I Hate Meetings

So I was going to do a post about revamping my bathroom, but then I thought, "You know, people are probably tired of reading about you doing house projects."  I know what you all really want, so here is a comic to get you through your Friday!

I kind of hate meetings. Things always start out well.

You get to see people and chat a little, and feel important sitting around a table of importance.

But then things start to fall apart. You either run out of important things to talk about, or people run out of attention-spans. The meeting is suddenly no longer productive, and I start covertly checking my watch and thinking about how Handsome Bryce and I could be playing "Paper Mario" right now.

 Then eventually people run out of things to complain about and sarcastic remarks start to lull. At this point the person leading the meeting will often address the lull by saying the worst thing ever:

I sit there silently hoping against hope that no one will bring anything up and the meeting will stop.

But there's always that one guy.

And with that, the meeting goes on even longer, for no reason at all. At this point I can't pay attention to any more meeting discussion because my brain has imploded into a tiny brain-crumb of fury. I don't know what that guy's deal is, but I am pretty sure he got a few wedgies back in the day for stunts like this:

Can adults go to jail for wedgie-related offenses?


Sonya said...

HMMMMM that kid in Mrs Miller's class looks suspiciously familiar... Almost like an old nemesis of yours.

McRachie said...

I see what you are getting at, but the kid is a featureless stick-figure not intended to look like anyone in particular :)

Vaylene & Jordan said...

I love your blog!!! your so funny. keep up with the home improvements I love them! Vaylene