Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ghosts of Rachels Past

I have been thinking about New Year's resolutions and changes I would like to make. I know a lot of people, especially moms, spend a lot of time beating themselves up about what they could be doing better. For the most part I don't have this problem, (I'll save the crippling guilt for the future when my children out-number my hands.) 

My current self is pretty nice to me, it's the ghosts of past Rachels that are the real jerks. It usually goes like this:

I have decided this kind of thing is actually healthy. The burning humiliation is a sign that you have grown from someone who once thought that action was perfectly ok, into someone who cringes even at the idea of it. So friends, whatever your resolutions are, you can feel good that at least you are not as awkward as you were in your mid-teens.

And for my friends who are in their mid-teens:
You can't fight it. You can never be so cool that future-you will not think you were totally lame. Don't worry though, future you is sooo much more judgey than anyone else, and you are pretty cool already. Plus everyone is too busy remembering their own embarrassing past to remember the things you will one day be embarrassed about.

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Haley Dennis said...

It's so true! I do that all the time!