Thursday, March 28, 2013

Artist Baby

I have seen a recipe for shaving-cream-paint, for toddlers, on a few blogs. McBaby has to play outside everyday, now that the weather is nice, and the moms on these blogs said it was a fun, relaxing, beautiful activity. One mom said her son dipped toys in the paint, and washed them off for hours. Many said their kids painted on the fence or table. No one mentioned their kids wanting to taste the paint, but I was pretty sure McBaby would not be able to resist, so I made my paint with Cool-Whip and food coloring.

I was right about the tasting, but so sooo wrong about the calm relaxingness. The first thing McBaby did was stick his hands deep into the paint, and then shake his hands to flip paint EVERYWHERE! Next he started eating it. So I was kind of expecting this:

But instead I got this:

Which was actually more awesome anyway.

But messy, soooo messy!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Meaningful Quotes

People on Pinterest and Facebook are always posting inspirational quotes. I think it's cool that they are getting inspired, but for me, the quotes are a little vague and all-encompassing. So I always ruin the quotes for myself by relating them to something really horrible: