Monday, April 08, 2013

Children's Books

As a kid, I loved to read, and I am enjoying sharing that with McBaby. I am starting to realize though, that many of the books I loved as a child now give me the SUPER-CREEPS. This is the second book I have discussed; click here to read about The Cat in the Hat.

This is how my perception of the characters has changed:

As a kid I didn't really see any link between a flock of birds, a hungry fox, and any kind of humans. As an adult I am pretty disturbed that a whole group of innocent, though gullible, characters were massacred (one of them was a baby), and that was it... No justice, no hope, just a happy killer fox. Sure if this was Law and Order Special Victims Unit I could see that happening, but this is a kid's book!

As an adult I am filled with questions. What are we supposed to take away from this? Don't panic about everything, except for serious things like being eaten, but by that time it is pointless because there is no escape anyway? Don't trust yourself about the sky falling, don't trust your friends to set you straight, and  don't trust people who invite you into their houses? Everything is confusing and then we all die?

Seriously, this time I have no answers. You can find a watered-down version where the stupid birds survive, but it is just as confusing. McBaby really likes this book, he also really likes eating chicken, so I'm guessing the moral he is getting is: "Chickens spend lives full of needless terror, then we eat them and they are delicious. It is doing both of us a favor."

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