Friday, May 17, 2013

New Bench with DIY Cushions

I got a bench at the thrift store about 5 months ago. I paid $1.00 for it, and I wasn't sure that it was even worth that. It looked pretty bad, like it had probably been left outside since the 70's. I took pictures of it, but then I deleted them so I could take cute pictures like this one:

Just understand that it was ugly enough that I actually had to sand down to the wood, which I am usually waaaay to lazy to do. Then I refinished it and painted the brass handles a matte black. 

I had plans to make cushions so it would be a cute and cozy place to sit, but then I got sick. So for three months the bench was refinished but empty and I stayed on the couch and tried to make sure McBaby didn't burn our house down.

But now I am better! So I decided to get to work on my cushions! I used this tutorial for the bench seat cushion, and this tutorial for the round pillow. I would say that the bench seat was an above average difficulty in sewing. This is not to say that you need to have above average talent to make it, just that if you, like me, are of average-ish sewing ability you will have to concentrate very hard and endure some frustration.

 The round pillow is my favorite part, and it was easy, but labor intense. The tutorial is great, but one tip I thought I would share is my pin-tuck marking tool that I invented, above. It's a yard stick with pencils taped to it! That may not seem like such a useful thing to you, but I wanted my measurements to be perfect, and I know I am not to be trusted in making a whole bunch of perfectly measured dots. It made the marking stage go by so fast!

 One other place where I deviated from the tutorial is the pillow-form. I have a weird curmudgeonly problem with pillow-forms. This problem is called "cheapness." Forms are like $10+ and if I am going to be forking over $10 I might as well just buy a pre-made pillow. So instead I used leftover foam and an electric kitchen knife to carve my own form.

 The foam was pretty firm, so I cut a crisscross pattern halfway through the foam to make it more flexible.

 The problem with this home-made form is that it wasn't exactly the same size as a store-bought form. It was too big! So I shaved it down a little and then forced one side shut.

 Not too bad eh?

 Then I turned it over and saw that the other side was exploding. So I shave shave shaved that foam some more.

 McBaby thought this was a great game, and wondered why we don't play with electric knives more.

 Finally after a great deal of shaving and some evil step-sister-style "I'll MAKE it FIT" determination, it was finished!

 Here is the final product with the buttons.

Special thanks to Andrea B. and Brittany for their super fantastic tutorials!


Sara said...

Ooh fancy! I like it, especially the fabric choice/colors with the floor. Nice job!

McRachie said...

Thanks Sarrie! If you come visit me I will let you sit on it :)