Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Storage Ottoman Part 1

If you have seen my most recent McBaby youtube video, then you have also seen the toysplosion that is our family room.

The toys could all be put away, but they had to be meticulously arranged in order to fit in their tiny storage containers. That room also didn't have as much seating as I wanted, so I decided to take care of both problems at once.

Actually, Handsome Bryce did most of the problem fixing by building me a wooden box. (This is a common theme with our projects, Bryce does the hard work parts and I do the easy fun parts.) Which I covered in quilt batting with a staple gun. Fun!

Then I measured my fabric to fit around it.

A lot of internet sewing projects pretend to be easy, but then turn out to require 10 days of work, but this one really is easy! You just have to sew one straight line! I recommend sewing the cover to be even smaller than what you measured, because you want it to fit tightly. Like jeans on the day after Thanksgiving.

After that it is smooth sailing because the staple gun does the rest of the work. I stapled that bottom like this, and then glued a large piece of felt on top of that.

Handsome Bryce is going to build me two more, to finish taming the toys.

McBaby is on board with this plan because he thinks the ottoman is a new toy, not just a receptacle for toys:

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