Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue Blood

This happens every time I need to get an IV, or have a lot of blood taken:
It's not the nurse's fault. I am incredibly white, especially the underside of my arms, so really my veins do look great. You can pretty much see all of them.

Usually when someone has super visible veins it means they are nice and strong and easily poked.

But my veins are dirty little liars. They are weak and small and flimsy.

I know the nurse is trying to save me from having an annoying and more painful IV in my hand, but it just can't happen.

Although, this last time, when I was in the hospital having McGirlie, the nurse believed me and just put the IV in my hand on the first poke. That was nice! (And by nice I mean I immediately started pestering people about exactly how soon I could get the IV taken out.) But at least there were no extra pokes!

Meanwhile, Bryce never ever has this problem, ever.


Alan said...

It is the same exact for me! Every phlebotomist thinks all of the other vampires that missed were losers, but "I NEVER MISS!" 5 pokes later..."Yeah right!" I have even had a phlebotomist who has missed in the past insist that they can get it. I never say it, but think "that's what you said last time you turned me into a pin cushion!" Now I just say I want a butterfly right here and point to the exact vein that has never failed. Sometimes they argue, but I just insist.

McRachie said...

Haha! I guess it runs in the family!