Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Here are the pictures of our costumes this year! 

 I planned to dye Bryce's pants and shirt with Rit dye, but there wasn't any in our entire town, so I used Tumeric. It actually worked better than Rit dye, and was cheaper.

Here I am dressed as Carmen freakin' Miranda with my little banana and monkey. I am not just striking that pose for cuteness, it turns out it is kind of hard to carry a baby and balance a pile of fruit on your head, I figured it out eventually though.

And now at last this ridiculous Halloween night is over and we can focus on good holidays instead! Yay for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!!

Baby Banana DIY Costume, with bonus Chiquita Banana Lady Mom Turban

So, despite my best efforts, Halloween is happening again this year. To make the best of things we have some pretty good costumes this year. I bought Ewan's monkey (Curious George) costume, and modified existing things for Bryce's Man-in-the-yellow-hat costume, but I made McGirlie's baby banana costume!

 I cut out 4 peel pieces, 4 inner peel half pieces, 4 banana hat pieces (one with a face openeing cut into it, and one folded strip to finish around the face opening.

I sewed all the white pieces to the peel and then sewed all but one set of peel edges together. (My machine couldn't handle 4 layers of blanket felt so I sewed up to where the white began with the machine and closed it up another 5 inches by hand later.)

I sewed the banana hat pieces together and sewed the strip around the inside of the face opening.

The awesome thing about this project is that the seams mimic the lines on a banana. Bananas don't have horizontal seams so when attaching the hat make sure to sew the edges only to the white lining of the peel pieces. (Unless you are not a banana purist, in which case I guess you can just sew through all the layers like a maniac, because seriously, what sane person is not a banana purist?)

 This is before I closed up the gaps by hand. The peel pieces that are not sewn together are in the back, the opening is for putting your baby in, and for diaper changing ease. You could close the opening with velcro, but I didn't because I am lazy, and it stays closed by itself pretty well.

 You can sew all of your yellow pieces together on the bottom if you want to, but I wanted a little brown spot there. So I cut out a dark brown circle and closed the bottom around it:

Ta da! Banana baby!

I am wearing a dress I already have for my Chiquita Banana Lady costume. The main part of my costume is my fruity turban, which I made with a scrap of old fabric and dollar store items:

 First I sized my hat to my head, which just happens to be about the size of a semi-flat volleyball. Then I flipped the brim up, which I believe allowed this dollar store hat to achieve the highest level of gangster possible for it.

Then I took a glue gun and glued and wrapped strips of fabric around it to look turbanish.

I was careful to preserve the tilt of the brim, as this would serve as my fruit bowl.

McBoy checked all the fruit to make sure it was suitable for hats.

Then I glued them all on!
You will have to wait until tomorrow for full costume pictures, because I am too busy to put on a costume for no reason!

Monday, October 21, 2013


When I was a kid I was suspicious of my mom.

Specifically that she was secretly throwing away my toys when I wasn't looking.

I could never catch her in the act.

But things had a tendency to disappear.

Like my swan Keyper. Yeah, I still remember.

And now that I am also a mom, I know that my suspicions were right on.

Welcome to the circle of life punk.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A Ham?

Pardon me! I'm new here.

I have the best brother, and I love everything about him.

He's even nice to me when I spit up on everything. (Mom calls this, "cheese".)

But people keep telling me that he's "a big ham."

Does this look like a big ham to you?

Oh well, I hear ham is good with cheese!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Special Nursing Clothes

Imagine that nursing a baby was the same as giving the baby some food from behind a door.

That is how I feel about pretty much every nursing bra or shirt.