Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Destroy a Dress, Ruffle Skirt DIY

I don't remember where I got this dress, probably a consignment shop somewhere, but I remember it was $3 and I just grabbed it on my way to the register without trying it on. "It's a simple, stretchy, gray dress, it will look good and go with anything." I thought. No. It won't. Everything about this dress is the exact proportions to look awful on me. I call it, "The Saggy Elephant Skin Dress."

So I didn't feel bad at all when I cut it up.

I laid a skirt that I liked over the fabric to get an idea of the size I wanted.

Then I cut out 2 of each of these shapes. (I dissected one of the sleeves for more fabric.)

The elephant dress was lined, and had satin ties. I decided to use the lining in my new skirt and edge my ruffle with the satin.

The rounded wedges would become my ruffle. I laid them, right sides together, with the satin in between. I didn't pin them together. (In normal situations I am incredibly persnickety about correct grammar, exact spelling, proper technique in cooking, etiquette, using the left lane ONLY for passing, serial commas, and things like that. In sewing, however, I am a crazy, lazy, fly-by-the-seat-of my-pants hooligan.)

(I did not sew it closed along the straight edge.) Here is the ruffle piece, turned right-side out.

I put it between the right sides of the skirt pieces and sewed down both sides.

Here it is, right-side out.

Then I sewed down either side of the waistband pieces.

Then I turned the waistband right side out and folded it in half, like the top of yoga-pants. I turned the skirt and the lining inside out, and put the skirt piece inside the lining piece.

Then I pinned the raw edges of the upside-down-waistband and skirt together, around the top. Yes, even I, in my haphazardness, saw the need to pin this part, because it is tricky, and I didn't want all the layers to be wonky.

All pinned it looked like this.

I sewed around the top and hemmed the bottom by hand.
Sorry this is the best picture I could get, while talking on the phone, while the McBabies yelled for me in the other room. Speaking of which, I hear one of them now...

p.s. Ta da!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hygiene v. Percieved Beauty

The other day I smelled myself. It's not a good sign when you can smell yourself. I can't think of any time in my life when showers, hair appointments, hair brushes, tooth brushes, unstained clothes, clothes that fit right, and nice make-up have been such a low priority. I also can't think of any time in my life where I have been so lavishly complimented on my appearance.

Before I had kids I got compliments when I did my hair, but no one was ever very enthusiastic about my bed-head first thing in the morning.

People would tell me that they liked my clothes, but no one liked what I was wearing enough to grab it and rub their cheek on the fabric.

And people would tell me I was pretty, but no one, not even Handsome Bryce, ever compared me to a magical, sparkling, princess with the power of levitation.
Not bad.