Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Destroy a Dress, Ruffle Skirt DIY

I don't remember where I got this dress, probably a consignment shop somewhere, but I remember it was $3 and I just grabbed it on my way to the register without trying it on. "It's a simple, stretchy, gray dress, it will look good and go with anything." I thought. No. It won't. Everything about this dress is the exact proportions to look awful on me. I call it, "The Saggy Elephant Skin Dress."

So I didn't feel bad at all when I cut it up.

I laid a skirt that I liked over the fabric to get an idea of the size I wanted.

Then I cut out 2 of each of these shapes. (I dissected one of the sleeves for more fabric.)

The elephant dress was lined, and had satin ties. I decided to use the lining in my new skirt and edge my ruffle with the satin.

The rounded wedges would become my ruffle. I laid them, right sides together, with the satin in between. I didn't pin them together. (In normal situations I am incredibly persnickety about correct grammar, exact spelling, proper technique in cooking, etiquette, using the left lane ONLY for passing, serial commas, and things like that. In sewing, however, I am a crazy, lazy, fly-by-the-seat-of my-pants hooligan.)

(I did not sew it closed along the straight edge.) Here is the ruffle piece, turned right-side out.

I put it between the right sides of the skirt pieces and sewed down both sides.

Here it is, right-side out.

Then I sewed down either side of the waistband pieces.

Then I turned the waistband right side out and folded it in half, like the top of yoga-pants. I turned the skirt and the lining inside out, and put the skirt piece inside the lining piece.

Then I pinned the raw edges of the upside-down-waistband and skirt together, around the top. Yes, even I, in my haphazardness, saw the need to pin this part, because it is tricky, and I didn't want all the layers to be wonky.

All pinned it looked like this.

I sewed around the top and hemmed the bottom by hand.
Sorry this is the best picture I could get, while talking on the phone, while the McBabies yelled for me in the other room. Speaking of which, I hear one of them now...

p.s. Ta da!


Haley Dennis said...

The ruffle when you laid it out flat looks like an elephant ear... homage to the old elephant dress?! hmmmmm?:)

McRachie said...

Even in its reincarnated form it must stay true to its pachydermed past.