Monday, January 06, 2014

Bryce's Christmas Present

Hello! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! This year we were in Utah with all of Handsome Bryce's family. It was the first time everyone has been together in a while and it was so wonderful to see everyone again! I am so grateful for close family relationships and happy times together. I am especially grateful for the chance to have all the little cousins get to know and love each other.

This year Bryce and I decided that we would make gifts for each other. We also decided that the handmade gifts had to be comprised of stuff we already had at home. I decided to make him an ottoman because our couch doesn't really have a place for him to put his feet up.

I used this pouf tutorial on the Better Homes website. Except...I didn't exactly use the tutorial. You see, the pattern is totally free, but you have to make an account and print off the pattern; this requires you to have patience for account making and a printer with ink. I didn't have either of those things so I looked at the picture of the pattern and decided that I could easily make it on my own.

I also decided to stamp my fabric instead of doing the ornamental stitching on the sides.

I wanted a pattern that went with my area rug, so I used the leftovers from a big package of floor protector pads and stuck them to cardboard to make tree-branchy stamps.

The pads worked great and they were already sticky on one side for easy stamp creation!

Then I sewed everything up and I realized that my devious plan to make my own pattern didn't go 100% according to plan. I used the hands of the model in this photo to estimate pattern size:

Buuuuuuut I didn't consider that my hands were probably bigger than hers. It seems that my hands are probably twice as big as her hands because my pouf turned out to be about two times bigger than her pouf.

So I definitely recommend this tutorial, and I definitely recommend that you print the pattern out, unless you want a super-sized pouf (or a tiny-sized pouf if you are a tiny-handed person.)


Sonya said...

this makes me very curious about what he made you for Christmas, unless it was private like a special dance or something.
The Ottoman looks super great though. Mine would have been way tiny. Did you make the cover removable for washing? And did you stuff it with something you already had?

McRachie said...

Bah haha! Bryce's present for me was one of my favorite gifts from him ever. (Bryce always gives super thoughtful gifts though.) He drew a picture of McBoy to frame, (drawing of McGirlie still in the works!) I'll scan it for you to see, it is so sweet.

I didn't make the ottoman cover removable because that would have been more of a pain than just washing it off. And I stuffed it with old towels on the bottom to make it heavy, layers of foam I had leftover from other projects, and quilt batting to plump out the curves.

A few years ago I found a really great deal on quilt batting online. You had to buy in weight though. Having no idea what one pound of batting looked like, I bought 15 pounds, so I have been slowly working through that ever since. (15 pounds is A LOT of batting.)