Friday, March 14, 2014

The Project Room

Since we were first dating Handsome Bryce and I have spent time discussing and drawing plans for the ideal computer desk setup. The dream computer desk is very cool, and very fancy, and complicated. This is not that desk! But the most important thing about the magical ideal-desk is that the two of us can sit right next to each other. And that is what this desk is.

This is our laundry room:

I wish I took a picture before Handsome Bryce had the table mostly installed, but he is fast like a ninja! Just imagine an episode of "Hoarders" and pretend that is the before picture. This room was pretty much a catch-all. We had a constantly overflowing closet-cabinet, an elliptical machine, laundry, shoes, papers. Just everything was always piled up all over in the room.

Our house doesn't have an office, but with two little kids, and one of those kids being 2 years old, we really wanted a kid-free area where we could work on projects together.

Bryce was not super excited to use the laundry room because he felt like it was kind of uncomfortable. So I decided to add a few touches to make it cozy and nice.

 I started with this chandelier that was in the house when we moved here. (You can see it in this post) I bought some crappy Mardi Gras beads for $3 and painted them to match. Then I draped them on the chandelier and hot-glued them in place.
 Then I added some little teardrops. I think this made the biggest difference because it replaced the harsh florescent light with a warmer nicer light. Instantly better!
 I also added a nice shower curtain to separate the laundry area from the creative area. I think this was important because we both work a lot better in an area that is tidy and organized, and even when it is clean the laundry area just looks stressful. Bryce built the table and put a whiteboard up behind the computers.
I painted the edge of the table to add a little bit of cheerfulness but keep the industrial look. This whole project took about 1 weekend to finish and it has been so nice! I love having a place to work with Bryce! It's nice to have the computers away from the kids, and with just a few little touches it has become a comfortable and cozy place to work. It's a micro-office compared to our grandiose dream-office, but it has made a big difference!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


For the past few days the McBabies and I have been cough-spewing snot-factories. It hasn't been great. Luckily, Handsome Bryce has been healthy, so he has been taking care of us.

I have felt too gross to post about any projects. So just look at this instead:

Here is a so cute picture, taken by Bryan Gutierrez, of McBoy holding McGirlie's hand when she was feeling sad. It's from January, but still so sweet that you probably gain 5 pounds every time you look at it. Worth it!

Monday, March 03, 2014


Aunt Sara gave McBoy the book, The Big Orange Splot, and lately it has been his favorite! He calls it "The Plumbean." This makes my heart happy because we also loved this book when we were growing up. I really want our kids to have a love for books so I try to do fun things that relate to the books we read, and I think this was one of our more successful activities.

Like most of my successful activities it involved cake, specifically this awesome cake pan I got in an after-Christmas sale:

If you don't have a house cake pan you could easily use something else*, (like a regular pan, or a graham cracker house, or a cupcake,) and not get any complaints at all ever.

Then we read the story,

And brought out the cake and the orange frosting:

I also made a bag of multicolored frosting by putting one drop of Red, yellow, and blue food color in a bag of white frosting. I put the drops in so they wouldn't touch each other too much.

McBoy pretty much has this book memorized now, so he kept saying, "It was like a a jungle...It was like a ESS-plo-SHUN!"

Then we sliced up the house for dessert.

I think doing activities that tie in with books is really helpful for McBoy to think about what is happening in the story, and gives us a chance to talk about the story and work on reading comprehension. Also it is fun!

*If you don't do cake at your house you could maybe do something similar by letting your kid drop some carrot mush on their gluten-free, non-dairy food compound, kids like orange splots of all kinds!