Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Busy April Fools

We have been pretty busy lately; so busy that I didn't plan at all for April Fool's Day. I couldn't let the day go by with no tricks though, (after all this time people have expectations my friends!) So here is an easy April Fool's joke that I am hoping will be pretty effective.

Step 1: Call your husband or wife and tell them, "Grrr! Some jerk truck spat a rock at me and got a teeny tiny star chip in our windshield. Don't worry though, it's not bad."

Step 2: Get a black dry erase marker and draw a line on your windshield. I actually did a black line and a green one, touching each other to add dimension to my fake crack. It looks pretty realistic, but in a pinch just black would be fine.
Step 3: Do nothing. Your spouse will check for the star and freak out for a tiny minute and then realize how sneaky you are!

I actually didn't even have to do Step 1 because Bryce was in the car when we got a star on the windshield, and today just happened to be the day the repair man came to fix it. We will see if Handsome Bryce can be fooled :)

Bryce was fooled! "But only a split second" This is my new record for fooling Bryce. Usually I can't trick him at all.

Meanwhile here are some pictures of fun things we have been up to:

 This is from St. patrick's Day.

McBoy closed his eyes in the first picture. I told him to open them, so this picture happened with him holding his eye open with his finger.

Yeah that sign says NOT to climb on top of trains, but when Grandma and Grandpa are around the grandkids say, "We do what we WANT!"

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