Thursday, April 24, 2014

Room Redo 2014- Curtains and Bed

As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on revamping our bedroom as a surprise for Handsome Bryce. Also, as I said, it turned out not to be a total surprise because I am not very sneaky. (Bryce saw a picture of these curtains which I left on the desktop with the name "Secret Crazy Curtains.") Be prepared, they are pretty crazy.

Here is the room before:
 To me, the curtains we had were fine, just resoundingly ok. The peach and green paint, were not fine though. First I painted the peach parts white, and the green parts tan. Then I needed new curtains.

I looked all over. I soon discovered that I hated every kind of curtains currently sold in stores. They were all too twee, too generic, too grandma-ish, too ugly, too cutesy, too too too mainstream!


I am a curtain hipster.

I realized that I didn't want curtains, I wanted art. The only way that would happen was to make them myself. So I bought a $5 flat sheet from KMart and did this:
 Much dramatic! So style! Wow! Soooo rinsed out to look like drab stained sheets:

Boooo! This was not what I wanted. So I took a new approach with Sharpies and alcohol.

One fortuitous thing about the dye incident was that it gave everything a blue cast and the blue could be lifted out with bleach! So I worked and worked to get this:

Then I painted highlights in with bleach. I also put bleach in a spray bottle to lighten the top of the curtain panels. This could easily have been a stopping place, but I wanted something more graphic.

I waited for the bleach to totally dry and then outlined the colors in black:
Ta da! I know this look is not for everyone. Even now I wonder if maybe I have bats in my belfry and knots in my noodle, but I love how they turned out. Handsome Bryce also loves them, which is the most important since it was a surprise for him!
Bonus! I used some silver spandex to recover a green pillow using this super easy tutorial. I also love how that turned out.


Steffy said...

I love how they turned out! But I must warn you, something about your room really makes me want to come and jump on your bed like a kid. So watch out when I come to visit you someday!

McRachie said...

It's probably the BYU colors reminding you of our jumping-on-the-bed-to-loud-music parties :D