Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is it Hot?

So literally her whole life, until recently, McGirlie has been babbling nonsense at me. One day, the nonsense babbling stopped abruptly, and she shifted to saying things that have actual meaning and need an actual response. Unfortunately this shift did not coincide with a shift to readily-recognizable-English. Also unfortunately, I didn't catch on to the shift right away. I feel kind of like the last kid on the playground to find out about cooties, or the last adult in the world to get a smart phone...wait...

Anyway, the other day I was serving no-bake cookies to the kids and McGirlie kept saying, "Izzih'ot? Izzih'ot?" instead of eating her cookie. I responded in full-on exuberant baby-talk, "Yeah cookies! Yummy cookies!" and she just kept saying "Izzih'ot?" It took a while, with me babbling nonsense at her, before I realized she was asking if the cookies were hot!

I am pretty sure this is how it looked from her point of view:

So Mama made these chocolate cookie lump things that I knew were going to be delicious, because Brother was going on and on about wanting to eat them. Everything my brother has or likes is incredible and I always need to have it too because if it wasn't fantastic then he wouldn't want it.

Anyway, Mama made this HUGE deal saying, "Don't touch these! They are hot! Hot! Hot! Owie! Hot! They are HOT they will give you owies! No no! Don't touch hot!" Seriously. Just going on and on.
So I didn't touch them, but then like 5 seconds later she says, "K! Who wants to eat one of these????" And I was like, Woah. Are you sure about that? Just a minute ago these were death lava cookies and now you're all like, "Who wants to put these in their mouth???" Is this a trick or a test or something?

So I asked, "Is it hot?" No response. She just kept scooping the cookies of Mt. Doom onto my plate. So I asked again, "Is it hot?" This time she answered, kind of. She was just going on and on about how yummy they were and that they are cookies, yummy cookies.
Now I'm sure; this has got to be some kind of test. I know they are cookies, yummy cookies, I am just trying to find out if they are also cookies that will consume my face in burning death. Mama is wily though, she avoided the question repeatedly. I kept my cool. Mama has a tendency to babble a lot of nonsense for hours on end, so I just kept patiently asking, "Is it hot?" Even though she just kept squealing "Cookies yummy! Cookies!" Don't worry friends. I didn't crack. I just kept calmly asking, "Is it hot?" over and over until she finally told me that they were not hot anymore.
It can be frustrating living with someone who is so intent on talking but makes no sense most of the time, but don't worry I am training her. Plus I totally aced that test.

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