Friday, August 21, 2015

Get Rid of a a Doggy Door

My parents have been living in their house for about 15 years. During that time  zero dogs and zero cats have lived in the house. The previous owners put a doggy door in the door between the garage and house, but even if we had a small animal it wouldn't have been able to use the doggy door because it was boarded shut to conform with fire safety regulations.

So this un-used and un-usable doggy door sat there for years and nobody ever looked at it or thought about it until one day my mom decided she wanted that door to be painted black. My dad painted the door and suddenly realized that he hated that defunct doggy door:

Once he pointed it out we all wondered how we possibly walked past it for so long without doing anything about it, because now we all hated it.

But how do you remove a doggy door? Google had lots of ideas for putting a doggy door in, but not for hiding one. So my dad made a plan to get rid of the doggy door:

Using a bit of trim and some bead board he made 6 panels (3 for each side) to make a panel style door and mask the doggy door! Note, after experimenting he found that the composite trim (the molding made of pressed sawdust and glue) is not strong enough for this project. It splits and crumbles and doesn't look good. Get the real wood trim. Melamine bead-board works great though.

He used Liquid Nails (pretty pattern optional) and brad nails to attach the framed bead-board. This is actually a picture of the door with wet Liquid Nails after one of the panels fell off, which led to the discovery that the nail gun had actually run out of brads while securing the panel below. Oops! So if you are thinking Liquid Nails is pretty strong stuff and you probably don't need any real nails for this project, then you are wrong.

Luckily it landed glue-side up and it didn't take long to put the panel back up and secure it with nails! Then of course he had to paint it black:

Ta da!!!
Ta da Ta da!!! Great job Dad!!! In unrelated news my mom is now installing doggy doors on all the other doors in the house...