Monday, May 02, 2016

Hong Kong

We went to Hong Kong for Trent's wedding! I felt like a little kid there, in the fun sense where everything is new and interesting, but also in the terrifying sense where I couldn't read anything, didn't know how anything worked or where anything was, no one could understand me clearly, and all the food was strange to me. For example, a giant bowl of corn at McDonald's:

Luckily two of Bryce's brothers are very familiar with Hong Kong and they shepherded us around, argued with taxi drivers, and explained how to eat things, like good babysitters do. Here's a chicken foot which (somehow surprisingly) tasted like chicken:

Of course my favorite part was being with family in the temple, and seeing Trent and Britt get married.

But my second favorite part was taking pictures of random funny things:

Surface Air Duct:

So cute! But sometimes...

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced:

I'm pretty sure Style No. 228 isn't special made to prevent steaks and cold-cuts from getting too fresh with you, but I  have really been trying to figure out what they meant to say for the last feature and I'm coming up with nothing. Heat? That doesn't really make sense. Leak? This isn't that kind of underwear. Feet? Sweat? Wheat? What does it MEAN?

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Camie Sheppard said...

Jd and I love to troll your blog for comedy and it doesn't take long. MEAT resistant? Keep those away from me.