Thursday, December 01, 2016

Family Picture Rejects

Some time in college I realized that I was skilled enough at Photoshop that there is no reason for an unflattering picture of me to ever exist. I am a big fan of having family pictures but not a big fan of posing for family pictures. It's painful. I just want one blasted picture with everyone in the family looking as skinny and happy as possible, also PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN AND LOOK AT THE CAMERA RUFFIANS!

Is that so much to ask? Yes. It. Is. The only way I get the picture I want is through Photoshop witchery, including but not limited to:

Lighting adjustments
Color adjustments
Body swapping
Just straight-up painting on people's facial features from scratch

However, over time, and after many perfect family picture prints, I have realized that I am depriving the world of how things really are during our family pictures.

Behold, the family picture rejects:

He's a baby, so even the rejected pictures are actually pretty cute.

Handsome Bryce
He is pretty much always looking dashing in all the pictures, even when he isn't ready.
But even Bryce has to blink sometime:
In pretty much every picture I am talking through my teeth, telling everyone to SMILE OR ELSE.
Bonus! The picture of the whole family that shows how we all really feel about me forcing us to stand out in the cold at the-crack-of-dawn o'clock.

Not pictured: My super kind and patient sister who also stood out in the cold early in the morning while I barked orders at her. I love you and I love the pictures you took, even these ones!


Steffy said...

You guys are my favorite and I super love your outfit!

Rebecca said...

Haha! This is the best!